How it works

Following a successful beta test in 2013,
Car Show Registration will be available in Spring 2014

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Our car show registration (CSR) service has many options so that you can tailor it to suit the type of show you are putting on and how you like to work. Don't forget that registration doesn't just cover car shows, any sort of vehicle can be registered, it's just that didn't trip off the tongue as nicely!

How the car show registration service works with your website
  1. From your website owners will follow a link to your registration page on the CSR website
  2. Provided registration is open and the maximum number of registrations hasn't been reached, the owner will be able to enter details about their vehicle
  3. If the vehicle details are okay (details entered can be checked to help prevent phoney entrants and duplicates), the vehicle is registered. The ticket is generated as a PDF document and stored on our server. Then, depending on how you want your registration process to work, one of three things will happen:
    1. The owner will be sent an email containing a link to view and print their ticket (a confirmation web page will explain this)
    2. The confirmation web page has a link to view and print the ticket (an email can be sent as well)
    3. Registrations are held in a queue for a show organiser to approve before the ticket is released. If registration is approved an email is sent with a link to view and print the ticket. The registration is declined and email can be sent explaining this and the organiser can put a reason in why

For the organisers there is a comprehensive yet easy to use administration system.

When you log on you immediately see a dashboard containing statistics about your show's registrations. From the dashboard you can either see more detailed information about certain statistics (for example number of registrations on a particular day) or view a list, for example registrations where tickets haven't been printed.

Alternatively you can see a complete list of registrations that can be sorted and/or filtered. This view can be saved and used to produce a report or data extract, either of which can be emailed to one or more recipients on a regular basis.

The reporting function is useful for producing pages for the show programme, commentator's notes and judging lists.

Through the administration system and depending on how you have set up your registration system, you can also:

  1. Resend the ticket notification email
  2. Enter postal registrations
  3. See if registration emails have been bounced (Show and Pageant packages only)
  4. Set up and manage users of the administration system
  5. Change the registration configuration settings
  6. We're keen to improve the Car Show Registration service, so if there's a feature you don't see here that you would like, please let us know and we'll see if it can be included.

Following a successful beta test in 2013,
Car Show Registration will be available in Spring 2014

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