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Successful Beta Test

The Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show in August 2013 provided a successful beta test for the Car Show Registration system.

Some initial problems were resolved and a number of enhancements have been planned, including the administration system, for the 2014 release.

The demo system will be available towards the end of November 2013.

First look at the registration page - 29 January 2013

The individual registration page is beginning to take shape and is undergoing basic testing.

Rather than being a straightforward HTML page, the registration page is generated from your custom setting held in a database.

You can specify colours to suit your existing website, have your own logo and choose which fields you want to include and set their labels.

First look at the registration page
The registration page is highly configurable - just use the fields you want Full size...

The information put in is re-formatted consistently, as we've found in the past some entries are all in capitals, others all lower case and a handful a very odd combination. The spacing in registration numbers can also differ between entries. Whilst this doesn't affect the registration, if you are planning to produce copy for a programme directly from the registration data, ideally you don't want to have to spend time reformatting it.

Of course this can be configured, so if you don't want the data that has been entered reformatted, you don't have to.

The next stage is generating the ticket, using as much configuration as possible so that you can decide what it looks like and what information is included on it.

Following a successful beta test in 2013,
Car Show Registration will be available in Spring 2014

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